My photography journey began back in early 80’s. I had a cheap Zenith camera, two prime lenses, drive to explore and a whole lot of energy. As a self-thought kid, I learned some basics skills from the well established photographers and film artists in the former Yugoslavia. I left Belgrade and moved to Toronto almost 30 years ago, Today I call this city my hometown. I'm happily married and blessed with two beautiful sons.
During the last two and a half decades, I had a pleasure of serving clients across Canada and United States, mostly in real estate, hospitality, and advertising industry. I was blessed with an opportunity to incorporate my lifelong love for photography with long and successful commercial career. 
Today, I spend most of my time on personal projects, freelance assignments, and documentary work. I am a proud volunteer with non-profit organizations, community programs and city initiatives across Greater Toronto Area and southern Ontario. 
If you require any information or just want to consult about your upcoming project, drop me a line at bsenic@senicphoto.com.